Let’s get 2020 started with a free print-and-teach worksheet designed to increase student motivation and help our teens think meaningfully about literature.


Everyone likes to have a choice, so whenever possible it’s great to offer kids a menu of options to accomplish our classroom goals. Once we’ve finished reading any short story or chapter of a novel, this choice board (click here to download a free copy) asks students to complete three of twelve Common Core-aligned options. They get to choose whichever three they want and their choices don’t have to form a tic-tac-toe or anything like that. Keep it simple, I say.

Some of the tasks are creative. Some are analytical. I hope you think all are worthy of some time in your classroom.

In addition to being a handy tool as we work our way through a literature unit, I’m also thinking this’ll be a good addition to our sub tubs or to use with early finishers. Oh, Shane, you already finished the reading? Great. No, you can’t get on your phone. Instead, I need you to complete one of these tasks – your choice – for a bonus Quarter Trio team point. Go on now…

Teach on, everyone, and let’s all have a happy new year!

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  1. This is awesome! I find my kiddos just copy any kind of questions/study guides, so I prefer to do assignments like these. However, I don’t have them all in one neat format like this–thank you, as always, for making our teacher lives easier. What a lovely way to start 2020!


  2. So glad you like this, HMS! Yes, I’m planning on folding this one into my regular routine, too. 😉 Happy new year!


  3. Yes! Bonus Quarter Trio Team point!! Love it! Thank you! Here’s to an amazing 2020!! 🙂


  4. Happy new year, Tara! 😀


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