It was seven years ago this week that I decided to shush my mental ticker tape of self-doubt and post a few items to TpT. I’ve already told the story of how a bit of post-Christmas depression led to my online adventure, but I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic for 2013 and SUPER pumped to keep working hard in this new year. You saw what I made for you this week, right? Oh, and I made some videos, too. Hope you’ve had a happy, restful break. Let’s do this, 2020!

1.  MUG Shot Monday (Mechanics, usage, and grammar practice):

Click here for a semester-long set of these MUG bell-ringer slides:

2. Words on Wednesday – SAT-level vocabulary:

Click here for a semester-long set of these vocabulary bell-ringer slides:

3. Freestyle Friday – Think of this as a symbolism decoder ring:

More teaching materials to help students learn a variety of literary devices are available here:

Teach on, everyone!

Fire and water photo credit: Pixabay, Public domain

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  1. I am using your videos as a supplement and daily practice with my homeschool students! Thank you so much for putting in the time it takes to make these videos and share!!


  2. This makes me so happy to hear, Cassandra! It’s just what I’d hoped would happen when I launched this series. So glad you found me. 🙂


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