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Life Lessons from Literature Freebie

I’m hard on my books. Argue if you want, but a spine is meant to be cracked. Oh, yes, I dog-ear pages (the horror!), underline passages, scribble phrases in the margins that mean nothing to anyone but me.

You already know, books can be a tool to help us figure out this weird world, but I worry many of our teens don’t feel the same. To them, books are a drag, a literal weight in their backpacks offering nothing relevant to their lives except slightly stronger shoulder muscles.

Let’s try to change that.

I dug through my tattered favorites (and the archives of to build something new, a free download of slides/handouts we can use as short writing assignments and conversation starters:

If these work for your classes and you want more, I have a budget-priced semester set of 18 additional writing prompts here:

Hope you’re doing well. Stay healthy and teach on, everyone!

Books image credit: Pixabay, Public domain

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