Life Lessons from Literature Freebie

I’m hard on my books. Argue if you want, but a spine is meant to be cracked. Oh, yes, I dog-ear pages (the horror!), underline passages, scribble phrases in the margins that mean nothing to anyone but me.

You already know, books can be a tool to help us figure out this weird world, but I worry many of our teens don’t feel the same. To them, books are a drag, a literal weight in their backpacks offering nothing relevant to their lives except slightly stronger shoulder muscles.

Let’s try to change that.

I dug through my tattered favorites (and the archives of to build something new, a free download of slides/handouts we can use as short writing assignments and conversation starters:


If these work for your classes and you want more, I have a budget-priced semester set of 18 additional writing prompts here:

Hope you’re doing well. Stay healthy and teach on, everyone!

Books image credit: Pixabay, Public domain

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Literature Freebie

  1. Laura, I’ve used so many of your resources from your blog and your tpt store–thank you for being so generous and offering so many for free, too. I’m a better teacher, and my students are more engaged thanks to you. :o)

  2. Aw, thanks for your note, Regan! This means a lot. So glad you found me and the blog. 😀

  3. Dear Laura, I couldn’t agree more! Well I do ‘mess up’ my books too simply because I love it — it’s a personal thing for me and so, it should receive some special, personal treatment. And what’s better than leaving notes on it, right? :)) Also, you’re right. I’m afraid teens nowadays prefer learning through their iPads even if I notice they are unquestionably distracted by the lot of things going on in the gadget! I hope the love for ‘carrying’ books become the norm, again.

  4. Thanks, Camille, for being here with me! There is a ray of hope. When I last taught The Great Gatsby with my juniors, I gave them the option of a hard-copy book or an e-reader version. I was shocked that only 5 out of 100+ kids chose the e-reader. Everyone else grabbed a paper copy. Motivations varied, but it gave me confidence that print will survive. Hope you’re doing well and staying healthy. 🙂

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