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Can We Fix Education?

Last week’s video got a lot of attention (thanks, YouTube algorithm) and I want to keep the conversation going. This week, my reaction to the 700+ comments I received and some concrete things teachers can do right now to make life a little better for yourself and your students.

Links to items mentioned in today’s video:

• I Quit Teaching video:

• Alfie Kohn’s The Case Against Grades:

• Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams/What are Schools for?:

• Sarah Zerwin’s Point-less:

• 20Time materials (free download):

• Imagined Life podcast blog:

• 21 Chump Street podcast blog:

• My favorite Twilight Zone episodes to use in the classroom:

Where are you in your relationship with teaching? How can we increase learning and lower stress? Leave those ideas below!

Broken glass photo credit: Pixabay, public domain

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