Prezi vs. Google Slides vs. PDF Slideshow

Today’s video in a nutshell: All of my Prezi-based lessons have been updated to include a Google Drive and PDF version of each slide deck. If you’ve ever downloaded any Prezi from my shop (free or paid), go on back over to your account and re-download that item from your “My Purchases” area to receive the update.

More details in the video about the death of Adobe Flash Player and how’s life cycle mirrors my teaching career:

What’s your preferred slide show software – Prezi, Google Slides, PowerPoint, PDF slideshow mode, something else? I’m interested to know which formats you enjoy and which ones are not useful to you.

Teach on, my friend!

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10 thoughts on “Prezi vs. Google Slides vs. PDF Slideshow

  1. Thanks for the update, Laura. You adapt very well. Even though curricular goals don’t mirror each other in Canada and the States, the material you produce is outstanding. Especially when it comes to breaking things down into relatable chunks. I recommend you to all my teaching friends. All the best in your new approach to things!

  2. Evolve or die, right? Thanks, Rob, for being with me here on the blog. I love hearing the materials I’ve built are useful in your classroom, too. So awesome! 🙂

  3. For the record- I have been a PPT guy just because it’s been so consistently available. I have been finding myself trying to commit to Google Slides because my school adopted Google Classroom in September just to have a common interface for students. When the pandemic last spring, it was such a hodge-podge and kids were overwhelmed with Google Classroom, Teams, Edmodo, Chalk, etc. Every teacher for themselves.
    As such, kids really suffered academically. Too many interfaces= Overload and shutdown.
    So because the division has a contract for Google emails, this was the wisest choice for the moment. As such, I’ve been converting and making new slideshows in Slides instead of PPT.

    Naturally, a new IT admin was recently hired and is a Microsoft guy. He hasn’t done anything yet, but he is promoting Teams a LOT. I would not be shocked if we cut our Google association and get Teams rammed at us.

    Honestly, I don’t care which one we use. But I am so sad (frustrated) that we finally got on board with one interface, and it’s very likely we will be changing again. If not at the divisional level, then provincially.
    Feel free to look it up- it’s laughably bad- Bill 64 in Manitoba- “Education Modernization Act”.

    This went in too long. End rant. Kinda. 🙂

  4. Yup. I’ve done that “we’re all in with Google Classroom…wait, no, use MS Teams…wait, that contract ended so we’re back to Google” whiplash, too. Sigh…

  5. I love Prezi but was very frustrated when Adobe Flash died and made me unable to update my Prezis without starting over. It will have to be a summer project to redo them all because I do not have time or energy to do it now. If I do not have the time to make a Prezi, I use Slides mainly because it’s so easy to share it on Classroom and wherever else.

  6. So pumped about this. I vastly prefer Slides. Thanks for the updates!



  7. Leah Muir Hermes says:

    Thank you so much!! I was sad when the Blackout Poetry didn’t work so I am happy to have that resource back! I’m a Google Slides user most of the time. We are a Google Education school and it works with Canvas (to the degree that anything works well in Canvas). I have purchased a lot of your resources and will spend some time re-downloading them!

  8. Yeah, I had the same heart attack moment, Jen. Before re-building everything, you should try accessing the Prezi files with a new-ish computer which will allow you to “edit” the classic Prezi and will then automatically create a new PreziNext version as a separate file in your Prezi account. My old laptop wasn’t up to the challenge, but a newer laptop was able to better-handle the updated Prezi software. Hope this works for you, too! 🙂

  9. Glad to hear the update will be a smoother fit for your Canvas platform, Leah! 🙂

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