Free lessons to fight end-of-year burn out

English teachers! Keep your high school students engaged in class right up to the last day of school. Links to all of the items mentioned in this video are listed below.

NPR’s Best Commencement Speeches, Ever website:

Graduation speech analysis activity (PDF & Google Slides version):

Jason Reynolds’ rhetorical analysis lesson materials:

“10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know” lesson materials:

Instruction sheets for five poetry creation stations (blackout, paint chip, reversal, acrostic, roll of the dice):

“How to Haiku” lesson materials:

Found poetry materials from the New York Times:

Mother’s day poetry card materials:

Father’s day poetry card materials:

Blog post with 11 print-and-teach lesson options (some free, some paid) to fill the last month of school:

As I mentioned in the video, I’d love it if you shared these links with your teacher-friends – after you claim your favorites for your own classes, of course. Teach on, my friend!

Life preserver photo credit: Pixabay, public domain

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