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A Teacher Who Stopped Grading Papers?

Meet Sarah Zerwin, a high school English teacher in Boulder, Colorado. She had enough with traditional grading and has successfully replaced points with feedback in her classes at Fairview High School. Today, I’m reviewing her book* about her experience and pulling out a few ideas that might work for your classroom, too.

*This is an unsolicited review. I have not received compensation of any kind for my review of this book. I don’t accept sponsorships or use affiliate links or anything like that on my blog. (Authors, please don’t ask me to review your book; I sometimes look into recommendations from my fellow teachers, but I don’t review books sent to me by authors or publishers. That’s just how I roll.) 

If you want to learn more about Sarah Zerwin, here is her website:

Her book is called Point-Less – An English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading. I bought my copy on Amazon.

In the video, I mentioned the project-based learning 20Time assignment I’ve successfully used in the spring semester with my classes. You can grab a free download of those materials here:

Okay, teacher friend, which of the ideas in the video do you think might work in your classroom? What other teacher books have been helpful to you? Leave your book recommendations or any ideas about how we might make education more valuable for students in the “reply” section below. 

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