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Ever think about launching a TpT shop? Today’s post will answer some questions and maybe even give a gentle shove of inspiration to help you finally get started.

Thanks to YouTube community member Brie for her questions!

My answers:

Want to watch the CNN profile of first-grade teacher Deanna Jump that started it all for me?

Want to check out my five-minute essay grading system for high school and middle school teachers?

What other questions do you have about working with I’ll answer those in the reply thread below and/or pull them together for a future video. 

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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  1. Hi Laura . . . I am going to pass this on to a middle school teacher friend of mine who has designed her own social studies curriculum for years and I have been telling her she needs to open her own TPT store. When I was trying to figure out when I would teach grammar at the continuation high school, I bought your High School English Full Year: Volume One. Life saver. I have even used your grammar sentences with my honors classes in middle school. I later bought volume two. If I ever go back to teaching high school English, I just might buy your entire Full Year High School English 9-12. My second favorite item of yours is your How To Write an Essay. Not because it was free, but it is user friendly and my kids understood how to build their paragraphs. Thank you.


  2. Absolutely, Kendall! Please let your friend know about me. Happy to answer any of her questions, too. Sometimes, we just need a nudge from someone who believes in us. I also love the idea that the things I built aren’t just sitting on my hard drive; they’re out there in the world making life a little easier for all my teacher peeps. That’s a win! Hope you’re well and set to enjoy the greatest summer of all time. You’ve earned it! 👍

  3. Laura-

    You are too humble! Every resource is amazing! I know they have saved many of us countless hours of prep work for very reasonable prices. I have purchased many of your products and have never been disappointed. The best part is they are not just a fill in the blank worksheets. I am just one of a huge fan club who appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    If you have time, could you put on you list to do a video on one-pagers for stories or novels? They seem to be the rage in our school and I am unsure what they should include. Just a picture does not mean they read or understood the material. Thank you for all you do.


  4. Aw, Kim, you’re a sweetheart! Oh yeah, I’ve seen one-pagers all over the place, too. I haven’t used that particular tool, though, because I already built a collection of one-page worksheets (character cell phone, police report, character obituary, cover artist, etc.) to help focus students’ creativity and attention as they interact with the literature we study. My one-page worksheets aren’t the same “one-pagers” I think you’re talking about – some of those are BEAUTIFUL, but the larger focus on the art element would be tough for a lot of my students. If you’re interested in what I use, that collection is posted here:

    I know Spark Creativity is a teacher-author who’s done a lot of interesting work with the one-pager format. I haven’t used these myself, but you should check out her work and see if this approach might be a good fit for your classes:

    Hope this is helpful!
    😀 Laura

  5. This is great. I love TPT. I have bought several of your products. Love them!
    I even develop my own material, but ……. I live in the Netherlands and am not a native speaker (I am an English teacher though). So I don’t think it counts for me?

  6. This is a good question, Els. TpT is a U.S. company, but I’ve talked with teacher-authors on the site from all around the world. I could be wrong, but I don’t know of any policies on the site that would prevent an educator in the Netherlands from participating. I’m sure you have different tax issues to consider, of course. You might want to start here and dig around a bit: Hope this helps!

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