I know it’s vacation for a lot of my teacher-friends, so I’ll just set this here for you to explore when you’re ready. One of my go-to tools to take a class through a short story or dialogue-heavy chapter of a novel? Readers’ Theater!

Here are the details about how to run the show:

Click here for a copy of the plain-text version of Saki’s “The Storyteller” that I hand out to students:

Click here for a color-coded copy of the story that I used to illustrate the Readers’ Theater technique in today’s video:

Click here for more materials to teach the three types of irony and lead students through a literary analysis of Saki’s short story:

Have you used this technique in your classroom? What’s your favorite teaching tool or idea? Leave a reply below!

Classroom and curtain image credit: Pixabay, public domain

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. Great idea! Loving all things reading, this is one more thing I will try!

    Thanks Laura!


  2. Awesome, Carolyn! It’s a favorite, for sure. 😀


  3. Thank you, Laura! A great idea for adding variety to a larger novel.

    Keep the wonderful ideas coming, please! Your videos feel like I’m sitting down with a close teacher friend who is sharing honestly what works and what doesn’t 🙂 Thank you for blessing others with your wisdom and all the free resources, as well as the for sale resources through TpT. (The M.U.G. shots were a definite hit with my American Lit classes this year!)


  4. Aw, Michele, thanks for your note of support. I’m glad you’re enjoying the relaunch of the YouTube channel! I’d definitely save you a seat at my teacher lunch-bunch table. 🙂


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