Mid-Semester Check-In

How am I? Surprisingly good. What’ve I been doing? Making stuff, of course.

Want to join me in this bizarro-world where education meets entertainment?

TikTok: @randazzled
Facebook: @randazzled
IG: @randazzo_laura

Okay, what do you think of TikTok? Ridiculous waste of time? Powerful communication tool? Something in between? 

If you’re on the platform and want other teacher-type folks to find you, leave your handle in the comments section here or over on the YouTube thread. Teach on, my friend. 🙂

Paper background image credit: Pixabay, public domain

2 thoughts on “Mid-Semester Check-In

  1. Anne Ireland says:

    Love this video, very fun…

  2. Thanks, Anne! It’s been a fun month figuring out how that app works. Appreciate you being here with me. ❤️

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