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Free Coloring Pages, Mandalas & Mindfulness

Need to keep early finishers busy while the rest of the class catches up? Model a healthy stress reduction technique as students head into final exams? Help your own over-taxed teacher brain unplug for a few precious minutes? 

I built these not-too-cheesy coloring pages for you!

You could use this free collection of 16 coloring pages in a variety of ways:

• Give to early finishers during testing/quiet tasks to allow time for other students to finish their work.

• Keep students’ hands busy while listening to audiobooks or podcast-based lessons.

• Create a stress reduction bulletin board where students can help themselves to their choice of coloring sheets.

• Help teens learn to calm themselves during stressful moments by focusing on a mindfulness task. 

• Use in counseling offices as part of art therapy or SEL training.

• Build a take-and-make library display with books on meditation, stress reduction, and/or how to build a mandala.

• As a random act of kindness, leave a bunch of coloring pages and some colored pencils or markers in the faculty break room. Teachers need a brain break, too!

Here’s a two-minute video I made for my YouTube channel that covers the same ground:

How else might teachers, counselors, or librarians use these coloring pages? Leave those ideas below!

Did you or your students use these pages to make something awesome? Snap a photo and tag or message me @randazzled on TikTok and Facebook or @randazzo_laura on Instagram. I’d love to see your creations!
Be well, teacher friend.

Colored pencils photo credit: Canva Pro

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