Yeah, I’m on TikTok

I was resistant, but I changed my mind when I realized TikToks are just itty-bitty YouTube videos. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

Links to items mentioned in the video:

#1 – Modern Great Gatsby blog post:

#2 – How to write an email lesson materials:

#3 – No link. Goose is all mine.

#4 – How to read a painting lesson materials:

#5 – Teaching truths full video:

#6 – How to teach grammar in ten minutes a week full video:

#7 – My brain = Hamster wheel

#8 – Scroll through short story options here:

#9 – Coloring sheets for teens (16 free printables):

#10 – No-prep, cheat-proof vocabulary quiz idea on blog:

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Teach on, my friend!

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