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Editable Worksheet Templates

Building a good worksheet is tricky.
It has to be useful. No busywork.
It has to guide students to do a lot of work in a little space.
It can’t be cheesy.
It can’t be ugly.
It can’t feel like something that’s ever been used in an elementary school.
It needs to be flexible, allowing students at different levels to be successful.

That’s a big ask of a single piece of paper.

As a new teacher, I made a lot of ugly worksheets. Over the years, I learned what did/didn’t work as the style and substance of my work improved. Last week after this TikTok, I received questions about how I make my grid worksheets and asking for templates.

These worksheets are mostly just lines on a page, but the questions reminded me that I didn’t know how to do this either until I learned how to do it.

So I did it for them – and for you. 

Yesterday, I posted a collection of 14 worksheet templates designed for secondary students. The templates include both horizontal and vertical options and EVERYTHING is editable in Google Drive. You can use these pages just as they are (after you’ve added your own content questions, of course) or use them as a timesaving foundation to create your own customized classroom materials. Have fun and experiment with moving lines around to create new boxes, changing the font and line colors, and adding your own images/photos/clip art. I’m hopeful they’ll inspire some creative ventures or at the minimum save you buckets of time.

Okay, teacher friend, it’s summer slow down around here. What do you want me to build next? 

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