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Go ahead and call me a minimalist because when it comes to lesson planning, I’m a fan of “less is more.” If the ads in my social media feeds are any indiction, we’re in the thick of teacher planner season featuring lots of color-coordinated marker and sticker sets. If that’s your thing, great – go slap those stickers! Me? I’d rather save $50+ and use a simple grid to plot semester lesson plans.

To help my fellow minimalists, I’ve uploaded a set of free weekly planners you can copy to your Google Drive: 

Every element on every page is editable and I’ve included a few examples to show how I would use the layouts if I were lesson planning for this fall. (I’m not, by the way. For now, I’m staying put at the college library.) 

One note about planning. I always felt more peace when I had the entire semester planned out before the first day of school. A completed grid helped me sleep. Still, it’s important to remember that plans will change. Assemblies and unannounced fire drills will happen. Third period will zoom through work at 2x the speed of fourth period. Students will need different skill-builders than you expected. Life happens. My advice? Have a plan, but also know that plan will change.

Let me know what else you need as you gear up for the new year, teacher friend!

Header photo licensed via Canva Pro.

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  1. I am grateful to find this website. I like creative people who take their time to give solutions. I will visit this site more often then just browsing for new materials. Thanks a lot to the author.

  2. Thanks so much, Teacher Marc. Glad you’re enjoying the site! 🙂

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