Free! Story Path, Step-by-Step Storytelling Guide

As English teachers know, a lot of stories are the same story. Breaking down that successful narrative pattern with students can help writers organize their ideas, readers summarize previous books, and teachers enjoy a low-prep lesson to keep in their teaching toolbox.

Here’s how a Story Path looks (click here to download a free copy):

This worksheet could be turned into a stand-alone creative writing lesson, pre-writing activity for a longer creative work, a buffer lesson between major units, summary of previously read works, or last-minute sub plans. The worksheet also serves as a nice supplement to my storytelling arc and/or Hero’s Journey lesson materials.

Storytelling arc (free download):

Hero’s Journey (free download):

Please note: This lesson includes a rewritten and expanded version of a tweet by former Pixar employee Emma Coats. Her tweet can be viewed here:
This lesson idea is inspired by, but not a duplicate of, Coats’ work, as allowed by U.S. Copyright Office Circular 14: Derivative Works.

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