Very Necessary Brain Break

So my daughter bought an axolotl. Her name is Elvira – the amphibian, not the kid. She’s jet-black and looks like the sea creature version of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

At first, I was uneasy about this addition to the Randazzo clan. I mean, she’s so very slimy and requires her room to stay at a chilly 60 degrees. But over time, my heart’s warmed to this cold-blooded creature and she’s taught me that I could use a little more whimsy in my life. 

With her arrival, I entered an axolotl research wormhole. (Fun fact: Axolotls eat blood worms and, yes, you can buy a deli carton full of them at your local pet shop. It is as gross as it sounds.) Since I haven’t yet learned how to shut off my (retired?) teacher brain, I turned my new obsession into classroom tools because that, apparently, is what I do now.

First, a bulletin board because I know we all appreciate a good pun:

(Need more puns? Of course you do. Click here for a free set of 101 teen-friendly tearable puns.)

Next, a set of mandala coloring sheets featuring – you guessed it – an axolotl:

Do these classroom materials have academic rigor? No. Are they standards-aligned? Nope. Did it make me happy to build them? Yes. 

Maybe they’ll bring a bit of whimsy to your world, too? Teach on, my friend.

Images licensed via CanvaPro.

4 thoughts on “Very Necessary Brain Break

  1. Hey! You’ve got to admit he’s cute! 🙂

  2. Laura Zoch says:

    Thank for these! They were just perfect for keeping the students busy, happy, and quiet when they finished their state testing early.

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