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FREE 20Time Project-Based Learning, Secondary 20-Time Project, Genius Hour

Welcome to 20Time, where students spend 20 percent of their class time over a 12-week period pursuing a meaningful project of their own choosing. In this free packet, you’ll find a variety of materials to help guide middle-school and high-school students through this project-based learning experience, similar in scope to other PBLs such as the 20 Percent Project and Genius Hour.

As I blogged about my experiences using 20Time with four sections of high school freshmen and one section of juniors, fellow teachers asked many great questions and requested that I put all of my materials together in one convenient spot. This packet is my effort to gather my 20Time blog posts and materials in one grab-and-go location.

This free package includes:
• Links to the entire series of 20Time blog posts
• Letter to parents/guardians explaining the philosophy behind the project
• Link to a reusable Prezi slide deck to use as you introduce the project to your students
• 60-Second Project Pitch (also known as “Guppy Tank,” a kinder, gentler Shark Tank public speaking experience) Assignment sheet
• 60-Second Project Pitch/Guppy Tank Rubric
• Peer voting result slips on 60-Second Project Pitch/Guppy Tank performances
• List of 30 generic project ideas for students who struggle to find a meaningful project
• List of 50 specific projects completed by my students this year to give you a sense of where we ended up
• Weekly planning slip (“Exit Ticket”) to help students get organized the day before each in-class work session
• End-of-Project Speech Assignment handout
• End-of-Project Speech Rubric resource list

I hope these materials are helpful in bringing the many benefits of project-based learning to your students. Thanks for stopping by!

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