Since 1998, I’ve shared my love of literature and writing with high school students as a classroom teacher, library education specialist, and curriculum developer. I’ve taught them all, from the highest-achieving honors student to the continuation kid on the verge of dropping out of school. What every student wants is to be inspired, to learn, and to have some fun while at school. I hope my passion for learning and for kids comes through in this website.

Over the years, I’ve also taught journalism, health, and history classes. In all subjects, students want to be challenged while also finding relevancy between the materials being taught and their own lives. I work continuously to refine and adapt my materials to reflect current events and trends with which the students are familiar. When deciding how to present a lesson, I always try to think how I would have wanted to learn this material when I was 15 or 16 and then move in that direction.

Before becoming a teacher, I was a newspaper reporter and editor, so ink is in my veins and writing is the critical piece of all the different classes I teach.

RandazzoThumbnailI love clean, modern design and try to bring those elements into my materials. Since our high school students have a high level of media savvy, I work to make my materials attractive to that audience. Want to know more? Keep up with me and my latest work here: https://linktr.ee/laura_randazzo/

I hope you enjoy my website and find a few seeds of inspiration. Teach on!
– Laura Randazzo