I finally made some progress on Macbeth and posted a study question set, intro. Prezi slide deck, and Act 2 race/quiz this week that feel like they took fore-v-e-r to finish. Progress this spring has been feet-in-concrete slow, but I try to remind myself it’s still progress, right? Continue reading

While searching for supplemental materials to use with Macbeth (yes, I’m still chipping away at this year’s 20Time project – progress is slow but happening), I slid down a podcast worm hole this week and found a completely unrelated drop of awesomeness produced by the Smithsonian Institute. If you didn’t already see Thursday’s post, click […]

If you’ve used podcast episodes in your classroom, you know that the kids love them. You also know that it’s really, really hard to find one that’s not too short/too long, isn’t riddled with swear words, and will actually hold our students’ attention.

This week, I’m happy to share a nugget of curriculum gold that I found over at Sidedoor, a podcast produced by the Smithsonian Institute. Continue reading

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you survived the sugar-fueled chaos of yesterday’s classes and still have some energy to do something sweet for yourself this weekend. More video treats:
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Let’s hope Punxsutawney Phil’s right and an early spring will be here soon. In the meantime, I played with grammar, vocab., and analogies in this week’s videos:
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Today’s post comes from an email I received this week from a fellow English teacher. I am sharing our conversation with her permission and honoring her request to change her name for privacy.

Hi Laura,
I love your blog! I tried your Quarter Trios with my classes last year, and they LOVED it! Because I think you have such a positive, energetic attitude toward teaching and students, I wanted to ask your advice on the hot topic of conversation in my department right now – whether or not to assign summer reading. Continue reading

Is it just me or was this the l-o-n-g-est January of all time? Glad this month is done.
This week’s videos:
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