Some of us aren’t even on summer vacation yet and folks are already talking about planning for next year. I know, I know… Still, two emails arrived this week asking which teacher planner I use, so here’s a quick video to explain how I save a fistful of cash each year. And if you’re not ready to think about any of this until August, I’m cool with that, too. Continue reading

Now that we’ve hit the smooth cruising altitude of November, I have a few minutes to check in, dear blog friends. Life in my new home in Idaho is sweet. The walking trails are canopied in gold, red, and purple (yes, purple!) leaves and the people have been nothing but sugar. The biggest adjustment has actually been one of timing, since my new school runs an A/B block. Instead of leading 55-minute classes that meet five times a week, I now see my classes every other day for 90 minutes.

Some elements of this time shift have been awesome, while others…not so much. Continue reading