Coronavirus, be damned! It’s week 33 of 36 and I am going to finish this project. Three more video lessons uploaded to the YouTube channel this week: Continue reading

Hope you and your family are doing well as we all figure out how to become homeschoolers. Three new mini-lessons that might help: Continue reading

What a week, eh? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all scrambling to figure out what the next month or so is going to look like. If you’re in a school closure zone where not all students have internet access at home, this two-week homestudy calendar might be helpful. If you’re in a community where the households are all wired, feel free to link to any of my high school English on YouTube mini-lectures as you build your lesson plans:
Playlist of mechanics, usage, and grammar practice lessons
Playlist of college-prep vocabulary lessons
Playlist of Freestyle Friday lessons on a variety of English/Language Arts skill builders
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I’m all about later sunsets, but why can’t daylight saving time happen at 2 p.m. on a Friday? Yup, clocks spring forward in the U.S. an hour tomorrow. Super. Continue reading

I finally made some progress on Macbeth and posted a study question set, intro. Prezi slide deck, and Act 2 race/quiz this week that feel like they took fore-v-e-r to finish. Progress this spring has been feet-in-concrete slow, but I try to remind myself it’s still progress, right? Continue reading

While searching for supplemental materials to use with Macbeth (yes, I’m still chipping away at this year’s 20Time project – progress is slow but happening), I slid down a podcast worm hole this week and found a completely unrelated drop of awesomeness produced by the Smithsonian Institute. If you didn’t already see Thursday’s post, click […]

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you survived the sugar-fueled chaos of yesterday’s classes and still have some energy to do something sweet for yourself this weekend. More video treats:
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