Coronavirus, be damned! It’s week 33 of 36 and I am going to finish this project. Three more video lessons uploaded to the YouTube channel this week: Continue reading

The pandemic is spreading quickly and it looks like my initial two-week Coronavirus lesson plan isn’t going to be enough. Since my brain’s default is worst-case-scenario mode, I’m now expecting all of our schools to cancel in-person instruction for the rest of the spring semester.

Will this actually happen? I have no idea. What does this mean for our students? Again, no idea. I’ve never taught in a 1:1 school and my online learning experience is limited to a couple of dismal professional development courses. Not fun. And, yet, fun is exactly what we need right now. Continue reading

Hope you and your family are doing well as we all figure out how to become homeschoolers. Three new mini-lessons that might help: Continue reading

What a week, eh? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all scrambling to figure out what the next month or so is going to look like. If you’re in a school closure zone where not all students have internet access at home, this two-week homestudy calendar might be helpful. If you’re in a community where the households are all wired, feel free to link to any of my high school English on YouTube mini-lectures as you build your lesson plans:
Playlist of mechanics, usage, and grammar practice lessons
Playlist of college-prep vocabulary lessons
Playlist of Freestyle Friday lessons on a variety of English/Language Arts skill builders
Continue reading

I’m all about later sunsets, but why can’t daylight saving time happen at 2 p.m. on a Friday? Yup, clocks spring forward in the U.S. an hour tomorrow. Super. Continue reading

I finally made some progress on Macbeth and posted a study question set, intro. Prezi slide deck, and Act 2 race/quiz this week that feel like they took fore-v-e-r to finish. Progress this spring has been feet-in-concrete slow, but I try to remind myself it’s still progress, right? Continue reading

While searching for supplemental materials to use with Macbeth (yes, I’m still chipping away at this year’s 20Time project – progress is slow but happening), I slid down a podcast worm hole this week and found a completely unrelated drop of awesomeness produced by the Smithsonian Institute. If you didn’t already see Thursday’s post, click […]