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Free H.S. English Monthly Calendars


Two years ago, I detailed my daily English 9 class plans with the “What I’m Teaching This Week” blog series. As part of this year’s 20Time project, I updated those plans and added a month-at-a-glance version of the calendar, which I’m happy to share.

Click here to grab a free PDF set of the English 9-10 calendars (yup, these are the same set mentioned at the end of last week’s video):

One of the trickiest skills to master is pacing. How much material will you need for a 55-minute class? What do you do when 3rd period zooms ahead of 4th period? It’s always helpful to see how other folks pace their curriculum and I hope these calendars give a sense of how I run the show.

Please note: I’m an over-planner. Surrendering the last five minutes of the period to let kids play on their phones feels like failure and, even after 20 years of teaching, dead air terrifies me, so I tend to stuff each day’s plan with more material than I could possibly need. In real life, some of these supplemental items have to be nipped and tucked along the way.

I also built similar monthly calendars two years ago for my American Lit./English 11 class, and you can grab those free calendars by clicking here.

Hope these are helpful tools. Teach on, everyone!

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