It was cold, damp, and gray around here this week – the perfect backdrop to start digging into Macbeth and keeping all those Macduffs and Malcolms and Macdonwalds and Donalbains straight. Whew! Hope you had a good week. This week’s videos:
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Another week = Another three videos, plus a free set of P.O.W.E.R. writing process posters you might’ve missed the first time around (the link’s below Friday’s video):
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Around here, mid-January means prepping for 20Time, a spring semester project-based learning experience designed to bring real-world application to English/language arts classroom skills. Basically, students are given 20 percent of class time for 12 weeks to work on a passion project that they choose and their peers approve. (Click here for a free set of 20Time teaching materials.)

Over winter break, Colleen*, a 20Time first-timer, reached out via email with a few questions. With her permission, I’m sharing our conversation, which might help other folks as they set their plan. Continue reading

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It was seven years ago this week that I decided to shush my mental ticker tape of self-doubt and post a few items to TpT. I’ve already told the story of how a bit of post-Christmas depression led to my online adventure, but I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic for 2013 and SUPER pumped to keep working hard in this new year. You saw what I made for you this week, right? Oh, and I made some videos, too. Continue reading

Let’s get 2020 started with a free print-and-teach worksheet designed to increase student motivation and help our teens think meaningfully about literature. Continue reading

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