Since we’re early in our novel study, I asked my freshmen to work in their Trio Teams to find a line from ch. 4 that they found interesting or meaningful. When Team 5, the International Bureau of Brains (IBB = their first name initials put together), shared the line above, my classroom exploded with a […]

Now that we’ve hit the smooth cruising altitude of November, I have a few minutes to check in, dear blog friends. Life in my new home in Idaho is sweet. The walking trails are canopied in gold, red, and purple (yes, purple!) leaves and the people have been nothing but sugar. The biggest adjustment has actually been one of timing, since my new school runs an A/B block. Instead of leading 55-minute classes that meet five times a week, I now see my classes every other day for 90 minutes.

Some elements of this time shift have been awesome, while others…not so much. Continue reading


My school’s hallways are abuzz this week with the creepy clown ridiculousness that’s sweeping America and now, it seems, the U.K.

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NO LOGO_20x30.indd

I realize that today’s post will likely be far more interesting to our friends on the other side of campus, but I just needed to share this collection of beautiful posters released by NASA/CalTech. The free PDF downloads can be printed at full resolution up to 20 x 30 inches, but I may print them […]

So I had my first unannounced evaluation this week. One of the assistant principals popped into my room about two-thirds of the way into 2nd period as my freshmen were working on their Personal Narrative rough drafts. And what was I doing? Sitting behind my desk scoring papers. Ugh. Continue reading


This summer was full of change for the Randazzo family, as we traded the California coast for the beautiful mountains of Idaho. Bay Area real estate prices and my husband’s 14-hour work+commute schedule made the decision surprisingly easy, but it meant a BIG change for me, saying goodbye to the campus where I’d worked for 18 years. Continue reading


I’m just not crafty. Sure, I can design a website (hello there, gorgeous) and know my way around Photoshop, but hot glue guns and chevron fabric terrify me. My 7th grade home-ec circular pillow turned out to be an amoeba. On occasion, I’ve used duct tape to hang curtains. And every time I move, my sister visits right away so she can rearrange my furniture. Continue reading