My friends over at TeachersPayTeachers brightened this week by posting one of my blog articles. If you’re not already familiar with the “Crazy Essay Week” approach I use with my juniors, you’ll definitely want to check out TpT’s latest blog post Continue reading

Here’s how it always goes: You hear about a new movie that everyone says is intense, innovative, so fantastic! You head to the theater and drop your nine bucks, only to emerge two hours later thinking, Well, that was alright, I guess.

Truth? You probably would’ve liked the movie better if you hadn’t heard anything about it. All that buzz raised your expectations, dooming you to “meh” feelings about what was actually a pretty good film.

Hype. It’ll bum you out every time. Continue reading

I just had the worst day of my school year. Maybe even the worst day in five school years. Without getting into details, I can say that one of my students used tech tools to bully a classmate and smear my name. It was nasty and, when I discovered it, my blood boiled. Continue reading

Yesterday’s EdCamp “unconference” left me with a notebook full of ideas and a brain that needs to marinate awhile to determine which bits of info/tools will be a good match for my classes. In the meantime, let me share one of the coolest things about the day – the event’s structure. Continue reading

There’s a whole edu-industry out there featuring guest speakers and seminar leaders who are happy to visit our campuses (for a hefty fee) and tell us what works best for kids. Hands down, though, the best use of my professional development time has been visiting my colleagues’ classrooms.

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