As English teachers, it’s our duty to train the next generation of Grammar Police, arming our young people with the tools they need to correct and serve. Continue reading

`Tis the season for graduation speakers to start preparing remarks as they’ll soon populate podiums across the land, hoping to reach the hearts of our freshest graduates buried under all those layers of polyester. Continue reading

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Teachers Pay Teachers, a website that has radically improved my life both professionally and personally.

Way back in 2006, former New York teacher Paul Edelman knew he could solve one of our profession’s biggest problems – over-exhausted teachers having to recreate the wheel in terms of curriculum development as they planned their daily lessons. What if, he thought, he could build a community where teachers shared their most successful classroom lessons? Continue reading

This week, I’m sharing some practical tips about how to survive (and possibly even thrive?) when you’ve inherited a problem classroom and I’m test-driving a FREE app that can help make slick videos in just a few minutes. If you want your students to create video projects and they have access to an iPad, you gotta check this out. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading

Okay, so I had a crazy idea. I was set this week to introduce my freshmen to the Hero’s Journey, a lecture I’ve given dozens of times over the years, and I thought, What if I don’t actually deliver the lecture and, instead, just let them work through the slide content on their own? Continue reading

One especially valuable tech nugget shared at this weekend’s EdCamp is the recent addition of Voice Typing to the Google Docs platform. Google has given the world the gift of voice-to-text typing on any computer Continue reading

I’ll admit, I like goofy things. Apparently, so do the folks at Google, who have several tools we can use to bring chuckles and (hopefully) better research skills to our students. Here are three easy-to-use resources that have recently found a place in my classroom rotation: Continue reading