Author: Laura Randazzo

American literture

A Modern Magi

“The Gift of the Magi,” O. Henry’s tale of gift giving and self-sacrifice, is the perfect December short story lesson.


Space Marathon: A Podcast Lesson

Bobbi Gibb wanted to run the Boston Marathon. The problem? Women weren’t allowed to compete in any race longer than

growth mindset

Filling Lesson Plan Gaps

State testing. Field trips. Weird last-minute assembly schedules that turn your day upside down. No matter how well a teacher

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classroom management

19 Works of Art to Help Teens Think

Fine art can help students develop analysis skills in quick, small doses. Ideally, those skills will transfer to literary analysis

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classroom management

ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?

I met with a group of teachers on Thursday (shout out to Carterville!) to talk about A.I. text generators and

high school English

Let me plan your lessons this week

An exhausted teacher messaged me on IG yesterday, asking for help with lesson planning. My response? You go take a

bulletin board

Very Necessary Brain Break

So my daughter bought an axolotl. Her name is Elvira – the amphibian, not the kid. She’s jet-black and looks