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Reading Tracker: Beautiful, Easy & Fun

Today’s drop of brilliance comes from Jess, a fellow bookworm and middle school English teacher. With her permission, I’m sharing

bulletin board

Building Growth Mindset

Want to amuse and motivate your kids? Let’s build a Famous Failures bulletin board!


Do You “Like” Me?

Confession time: I’m Facebook dumb. I’ve never really understood social media. All that liking and tagging and following leaves me

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FREE Media Literacy Worksheets

Last week, Stanford researchers released a “bleak” report showing that more than 80 percent of students can’t determine the difference

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20Time Lives On

Two nice surprises arrived this week, once again validating the impact 20Time can have on our students. First, one of

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Frankly Speaking

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy,