All-American Slurp Lensey Namioka Short Story Literary Analysis PDF & Google Drive, CCSS

Use Lensey Namioka’s delightful short story, “The All-American Slurp,” to ease your fifth through seventh graders into deeper levels of literary analysis with these print-and-teach materials.

This 6-page PDF (with Google Drive versions of student handouts) includes:
• 1-page of step-by-step directions to guide the teacher through two (or three, depending on your pacing) days of activities (links to online versions of the story are included)
• 1-page student handout that includes depth-of-knowledge questions that will require students to dig back into the text and their own minds to find the answers
• 1-page detailed answer key to ease your grading and serve as discussion starters
• 1-page Compare-and-Contrast activity featuring a modern-designed Venn diagram
• 1-page answer key for the Compare-and-Contrast activity
• 1-page of topic slips to use with an optional fun extension research activity

Materials also work great as emergency sub plans!

Please note that this short story lesson is NOT included in my four-week Short Story Unit bundle.

Download includes: 6-page PDF + Google Drive versions of student handouts (all uneditable)

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