Analogies, 250 Analogy Questions, Build Vocabulary & Logic, PDF & Google Drive

Analogies are now specifically included in middle school Common Core State Standards and these fun little puzzlers are a great tool to help students at all levels build vocabulary and logic skills.

This introductory lecture is paired with 10 follow-up assignments that can serve as in-class work (solo or group), homework, substitute teacher materials, or game materials. Each assignment sheet can also be sliced up into five separate mini-assignments, allowing for short bell-ringer work sessions or differentiation within one class. Lots of potential uses!

Every student handout in this product also downloads as both a printable PDF and interactive Google Drive version!

This bundle includes:
• Eye-grabbing opening lecture slides that introduce how analogies work, 10 common word relationships presented in analogies, low-pressure interactive self-quizzing, and helpful tips for decoding analogy questions (16-slide Prezi with zooming animations – download includes both offline and online versions of the slide deck)
• Fill-in-the-blank guided notesheet to help students take accurate notes during the lecture and serve as a reference sheet. Answer key included. (2-page PDF + Google Slides version of student handout)
• Ten separate worksheets (each featuring 25 questions) that will reinforce skills and challenge students. These sheets were built for eighth and ninth graders, but could also be successfully used by advanced seventh graders. Answer keys included. (10-page PDF + Google Slides version of student handouts + 10-page PDF answer key sheets)

Download includes: 16 slides (Prezi); 22 pages (PDF); Google Drive versions of all student handouts (all uneditable)

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