BRAIN TEASERS VOL. 6 – Logic, Word Sense, Puzzles, Lateral Thinking – Fun Stuff

Need even more brain teasers to keep your teens entertained and challenged? I’ve got you covered! (Click here to check out Vol. 1-4.)

Entertain and challenge your teens with this compelling collection of brain-twisting presentation slides in PDF & Google Slides format. There are many different ways you might want to use these 76 slides (38 questions + 38 answer key slides) in your classroom, including:

1. Use as a routine bell-ringer activity to begin class one day each week. I use these as Brain Teaser Tuesdays (I enjoy alliteration), but they’ll work great any day of the week.

2. Use them as a sponge activity to soak up those occasional last few minutes of a class period when a daily lesson wraps up more quickly than you planned.

3. Use them as part of an ongoing team activity/contest that runs a full nine-week quarter. More details included in the download.

4. Use the slides as a reward for classes that hit certain benchmarks or goals.

There are 38 questions (each with a separate attractively designed answer slide) in this packet of PDF & Google Drive slides, allowing you to use two questions per weekly session or one question two times a week in a semester. Most semesters run 18 weeks but I threw in a couple of extra questions just in case there’s one or two you don’t like/want to skip.

However you decide to use these slides, I hope they find a place in your teacher’s toolbox of activities. Students enjoy these lighter activities that provide a fun way to help develop word sense, logic, and lateral thinking.

Please note: The item on this page – Vol. #6 set of Brain Teasers – is NOT included in any of my bundles. If you’d like a discounted price on the previous four sets of brain teaser bell-ringer slides, click here. Also, Vol. #5 is available here as an individual item.

Download includes: 76 slides in PDF & Google Slides format (uneditable)

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