Commonly Confused Words #2, Homophones, Slides + Note-Keeping Sheets CCSS

Use these beautiful bell-ringer slides to grab your students’ attention at the beginning of class and teach them the right way to use 18 commonly confused word pairs/homophones. Each weekly lesson includes a photo slide prompting students to write a word usage rule (a great way to let you catch your breath and take attendance while they jot down notes) and then apply that rule to three different sentences. An answer key on a separate slide is also included with each week’s lesson. Materials provided in uneditable Google Drive and PDF format. A PowerPoint version can also be downloaded from the Google Drive file.

In addition to the three slide set for each Commonly Confused Words lesson (one slide has the photo and word usage rule; the next slide has three sentences for students to fix; the final slide is the answer key), you’ll also receive note-taking support handouts. One option is a note organizer for students to keep as ongoing lesson notes in their binders or interactive notebooks. A second option allows you to hand out a note-taking slip for students to complete and turn in to you for each session. (The second option could also work as a short reinforcement task later in the week or as a mini-quiz.)

This set was designed for grades 6-8, but would also work well for advanced English Language Learners/English as a Second Language students.

The commonly confused words/misused words in this Vol. 2 set of 18 bell-ringer lessons include:
all together/altogether
everyday/every day

Download includes: 54 slides in uneditable PDF & Google Slides; 24 pages of note-taking sheets

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