Creation Stories, Meaningful Jigsaw Activity to Intro. any Mythology Unit

As a launch to any middle-school or high-school study of mythology, use this 45-minute activity where students work in teams of four to read and think through four short pieces about the creation of Earth/humanity. Use the five slide deck (PDF) to guide students through the jigsaw process as they find commonalities among literature from China, Uganda, the Blackfoot Native American tribe, and the King James Bible’s Book of Genesis. The download also includes full-text copies of the public domain stories and helpful student handouts for those who need help with note-taking.

Download includes: 5 slides & 6 pages (all uneditable PDF format)

Please note: This item is included in my four-week Greek Mythology Unit Plan. To avoid a double-purchase, please do not buy the item on this page if you also intend to buy the Greek Mythology bundle.

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