Edgar Allan Poe A&E Biography, Easy Video Lesson or Sub Plan, PDF & Google Drive

Help students understand the tragic life of Edgar Allan Poe with this print-and-teach video lesson featuring a question set designed to work with A&E Biography’s “The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe,” a free high-quality 43-minute episode available on the A&E Biography YouTube channel and a third-party website (video links included).

The video covers the major events of Edgar Allan Poe’s tragic life and includes small slices of his famous works, including “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.”

This 5-page download includes:
• A single-page of suggested lesson procedures you can leave for your sub, if needed.
• Links to the free video content.
• A two-page attractively designed question sheet for students to use not only as they view the video, but also to reflect on deeper-thinking questions once the video has ended.
• A two-page detailed answer key to help guide class discussion when reviewing answers and help make grading papers a snap.

Please note: This video includes content that is entirely appropriate for the classroom; however, there are two gothic art pieces included that very briefly show bare breasts. If this would be a concern for your student population, please preview the full video here before purchasing these companion lesson materials.

Download includes: 5-page PDF + Google Drive version of handout (uneditable)

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