Fahrenheit 451 Introductory Lecture Slides, Ray Bradbury’s F451, Prezi & Google Slides

Grab every eye in the room with this 39-slide lecture that provides all of the background information your class will need to launch a study of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi novel, Fahrenheit 451. (Download includes both Prezi and Google Slides versions.)

The presentation includes a high-interest attention-grabber on book censorship and a quickwrite topic designed to help make Ray Bradbury’s themes relevant to your students (15 minutes for writing and discussion). Then, launch into the 30-minute lecture which covers the time period and setting, profiles of five important characters, and information about historical influences including Nazi book burnings and Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s HUAC/The Red Scare. Modern connections to computer programming, digital e-readers, and school censorship are also included.

Download includes: 39 slides in Prezi & Google Slides format (uneditable)

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