Fortune Teller worksheet for any literature unit, PDF & Google Drive, fun stuff

Add a little fun to ANY novel or narrative non-fiction unit with this easy-to-use worksheet. After students have finished reading the first chapter of any book, have them stop and complete this 14-question worksheet that requires them to examine time period, setting, protagonist, antagonist, point-of-view/narration, and a variety of other story-setting elements.

This worksheet (1-page in printable PDF and Google Drive versions, both uneditable) will also require students to dig back into the text, connect the literature to a historical element, and make some predictions about the story’s path (hence, the fortune-telling angle).

You could use this as an end-of-chapter 1 activity for any/all of your required literature as well as a worksheet for students to complete as they begin their own chosen reading (Sustained Silent Reading) books.

I hope you enjoy this worksheet-based activity designed to work with sixth graders through high school seniors.

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