FREE September “This Day in Arts & Letters” Calendar & Slide Set, Bell-Ringer

Add some visual interest to your daily agenda or overhead projector slide content (and grab students’ attention!) with this FREE slide set that includes 30 fun facts and/or important dates from the worlds of literature, film, music, and art.

The slides were designed to provide students daily inspiration to learn more about the historic and pop culture references that are meaningful to most American adults they will encounter in future workplace environments.

As students arrive to class, you may wish to have the daily slide projected for them to read and discuss on their own. If you have time at the beginning or end of the period to devote to a sponge conversation, you might ask what students already know about the featured person, work, or event. You may also want to encourage students to research the subject further for a few minutes and share their findings with the class.

The slides download as a projectable PDF and as individual .jpg image files in case you’d like to use them as part of your class agenda or online portal. You’ll also find a month-at-a-glance calendar (1-page PDF) to help you keep track of the slides or to use as a small bulletin board decoration.

Please note that this list of fun facts/important dates was researched and compiled by a U.S. teacher for use with her students. While the topics include diverse works and artists from around the globe, there is definitely an American filter at work here. If you’re teaching students who are learning about U.S. culture, this slide set and calendar will also help them discover writers and artists that many Americans deem noteworthy.

However you decide to use these slides, I hope they find a place in your teacher’s toolbox and inspire lots of discussion and further research.

Includes 30 slides (PDF & JPG) + 1-page PDF.

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