Helen of Troy Poems Compare & Contrast Poetry Analysis, PDF & Google Drive, CCSS

Ah, Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. Depending on your perspective, Helen is either the legendary beauty who has served as a worthy muse for countless warriors and poets or she is a painted devil whose selfish desires caused the deaths of thousands of innocent souls. Take your students through a compelling compare and contrast activity by examining classic poems by American poets Edgar Allan Poe (full-text included) and Hilda “H.D.” Doolittle (link included).

This 4-page download includes a detailed lesson procedure, a copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s “To Helen,” and 10 critical analysis questions that will require students to dig into the text and their own minds. A detailed answer key/discussion guide is also included.

The Common Core State Standards require that we teach students to analyze multiple interpretations of the same piece of literature. Helen of Troy provides the perfect opportunity for extreme points of view to be examined.

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Download includes: 4-page PDF + Google Drive version of handouts (uneditable)

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