Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell Hero Journey, Free PDF & Google Drive materials

What do Harry Potter, Frodo, and Katniss Everdeen all have in common? All of their stories (and so many others) fit the classic storytelling pattern of a heroic journey, as established by famed scholar Joseph Campbell.

Using many of the steps of the heroic journey as chronicled by Campbell, this lecture slide deck (download includes both Prezi and Google Slides versions) will allow you to connect the classic pattern to the stories our students love. From The Matrix to Star Wars to Finding Nemo, many popular stories of today follow the steps of this Ancient Greek storytelling pattern.

Includes a 29-slide Prezi/Google Slides + student handout in PDF/Google Drive versions.

Want to turn these materials into a high-interest speech assignment? Click here for the Hero’s Journey at the Movies speech assignment materials.

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