Improve Essay Writing, FREE Strategy & Prompts to Sharpen Writing Skills, CCSS

The only way I’ve found for students to really grow as writers is for them to write a lot and get meaningful feedback on their work. The reality, though, is there’s only one of me and 170+ of them, so my time with each student is limited. One way to maximize writing growth is with this common sense approach that requires students to write three times as many essays as I grade.

Sounds strange, right? Download this free packet for a detailed explanation of my writing coach strategy (my kids call it “Crazy Essay Week”), a collection of helpful tips and tricks gleaned from years of experience, and nine print-and-go essay prompts that’ll help you immediately implement the practice in your classroom.

Note: The nine writing prompts are aligned with California’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) essay exam for 11th graders. You will likely want to swap out those prompts with your own grade level’s district- or state-released essay questions to help prepare your students for whatever exams they’re required to take.

Includes a 11-page PDF.

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