Plagiarism Lecture, Game-Based Approach to Introduce/Reinforce Plagiarism Rules

You know you need to show your students the right way to handle sourced material to prevent plagiarism, but the subject matter can be so dry, causing teens to tune out during your lecture. To fix this, use a lecture disguised as a game to help cover the basics of proper MLA source citation and plagiarism rules.

This product includes a projectable “game” of PDF slides (shh…it’s really a lecture – don’t tell our students) with concrete, real-world examples of how source citations should be handled. The answers for each of the game’s questions are embedded in the slide presentation, providing learning opportunities alongside the fun.

Also included is a detailed, step-by-step suggested lesson procedure (yes, you could even leave this as an emergency sub plan) and a one-page game “score sheet,” which is really a worksheet where students take notes and record their answers.

Everything you need to help reinforce plagiarism rules is included in this PDF packet.

Download includes: 36 slides + 1 handout + suggestion lesson procedure page (all in uneditable PDF format)

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