The Veldt, Ray Bradbury Short Story Worksheets + Multimedia, PDF & Google Drive

If your students can’t go an hour without looking at their phones, they need to read “The Veldt.”

Ray Bradbury’s chilling futuristic short story, “The Veldt,” gives us a glimpse of a world where children love their devices more than their families. Sound familiar? This compelling 90-minute lesson will get your students reading, thinking, and discussing the consequences of our tech-dependent culture. The materials (5-page PDF with links to online media and Google Drive versions of all student handouts) were designed to help middle and high school students sharpen their literary analysis skills while also making personal connections to Bradbury’s eerily prophetic tale.

This lesson for “The Veldt” includes:
• 1 page detailed suggested lesson plan notes with online multimedia links
• One-minute news clip on a related topic (link included)
• 2 pages of student handouts – one is set of literary analysis questions requiring students to analyze the text as well as make modern connections to Ray Bradbury’s story and the other is a brief “into” activity where they help design a home of the future
• 2 pages of detailed answer keys to help you easily grade students’ work and guide in-class discussion

Download includes a 5-page PDF + Google Drive version of student handouts (uneditable).

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