To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Plan, Harper Lee Novel Unit Study, TKaM, CCSS

Enjoy this MASSIVE bundle of beautifully designed materials that will take your class through Harper Lee’s classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Everything you’ll need is here; just add a class set of To Kill a Mockingbird novels, a classroom with internet access, and you’re good to go.

This HUGE bundle includes:

• A day-by-day calendar to follow with helpful details and nightly homework assignments (read this file first when you open the bundle)

• Suggested procedure for how to address the novel’s use of the n-word

• A research organizer to guide students as they conduct their own author biography research about Harper Lee, her literary works, and her life (Printable PDF and Google Drive version)

• A dynamic lecture slide set to introduce important character, historical, and theme elements of To Kill a Mockingbird; includes quickwrite topic/discussion starter (Prezi and Google Slides versions)

One-Question Quizzers for To Kill a Mockingbird to hold students accountable for nightly reading assignments. A quick and easy way for you to tell who is (or isn’t) completing nightly reading.

Study guide/homework/group discussion questions for all 31 chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird with detailed answer keys (Printable PDF and Google Drive version)

Close reading worksheets featuring slices of text from ch. 2, ch. 9, ch. 15, and ch. 23; these four separate lessons come with detailed examples of completed worksheets to serve as models of proper annotation and discussion starters.

Cross-curricular lesson using math and problem-solving skills in the Day in the Life of the Working Poor activity.

Character Cell Phone activity that encourages students to use today’s popular technology as a characterization tool. (Printable PDF and Google Drive version)

Word! Worksheet, a vocabulary-building activity that can work with any chapter in this novel or any piece of text you use in any of your classes. A universal vocabulary-building tool. (Printable PDF and Google Drive version)

• A Police Report writing and sketch activity to reinforce real-world language skills. This worksheet can be reused with many other short stories, plays, and novels. (Printable PDF and Google Drive version)

Non-fiction reading and writing activity connecting the real-life case of the Scottsboro Boys to Tom Robinson

• Creative writing Blackout Poetry lesson (Prezi and Google Slides versions)

Timeline review game/worksheet charting 22 events in the novel along a 1933-1935 timeline

• Flyswatter review game; lots of loud and active fun with this review game featuring 45 character, plot, and quote identification questions

• 50-question end-of-unit exam (character matching, true/false, and quote identification) with answer key

• Essay topic sheet featuring five options that will all require mastery of text, research of real-life connections, and depth of thought in students’ analysis

Note: Most of these items (the author biography research organizer, the novel’s intro. lecture, the one-question quizzers, the study guide/homework/group discussion questions, the close readings, cross-curricular Day in the Life of Working Poor math lesson, the Character Cell Phone worksheet, Police Report worksheet, Word! vocabulary builder, non-fiction Scottsboro Boys lesson, Blackout Poetry, and Timeline review game/worksheet) are sold separately at my store, but you’ll SAVE 24% by buying this budget-priced collection of complete materials. No need to purchase these items separately if you grab this cost-saving bundle. The other items (the calendar, flyswatter review game, 50-question exam, and essay topics) are not sold separately and can be purchased only as part of this bundle.

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Download includes: 40 slides; 89 PDF pages (uneditable)

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