Tragedy of Julius Caesar Introduction Lecture Shakespeare Prezi & Google Slides

Grab every eye in the room with this compelling 34-slide lecture that provides all of the background information your class will need as you launch a study of William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

The presentation includes a quickwrite topic that will help make the play’s characters and themes relevant to your students (15 minutes for writing and discussion). Then, launch into the 30-minute Julius Caesar intro. lecture which covers the time period and setting, background of the Crassus/Pompey/Caesar triumvirate, profiles of six important characters, themes, historical information (Rome’s Feast of Lupercal and Shakespeare’s commentary about the power grab in Elizabethan England), and modern frameworks to help students connect the drama of Ancient Rome to today’s world.

Download includes: 34 slides in Prezi, PDF & Google Slides (uneditable)

Need a scene-by-scene question set to help guide your students’ reading of the play? Click here for my Julius Caesar study question set:

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