I know it’s only July, and I also know you’re probably already thinking about the fall. Today, let’s talk about a routine that helps successfully launch class Continue reading

Now that the custodians are done waxing the floors, we can get down to the business of setting up our classrooms. Well, most of us. Some teachers, like Carla who emailed me this week, won’t have a room of her own this year. What can she do? Continue reading

As I’ve mentioned before, last year’s classes devoured my three sets of Brain Teasers during our Quarter Trio competitions, so building a fourth batch was high on my summer “to do” list. Happily, the latest set is now complete. So…wanna play? Continue reading

I used to hate poetry. Seriously. For the first decade of my career, I pretty much ignored it. Too much sap. Too much angst. Too much manufactured depth for the sake of feeling like we’re deep. I knew I was supposed to care about the white chickens and that red wheelbarrow, but I just didn’t. Continue reading

This past summer, I decided to add more playfulness to my classroom routine (read more about Quarter Trios here) and one of the mainstays of the new “game plan” is the use of weekly Brain Teasers. Originally, I had planned to use just one puzzler each week, either as part of a bell-ringer routine or as an emergency “ack, third period just finished this task 10 minutes faster than all of my other classes” time-filler.

Deep into the fall semester, the reality has been Continue reading

Oh, Target, why must you so gleefully bring the end-of-summertime sadness? It’s still July for crying out loud and school’s an entire month away, yet you tempt and repulse me with your beautiful stacks of fresh notebooks, grading pens, and glue sticks. (Anyone else obsessed with the purple kind? Wait, only 25 cents per glue […]

Okay, teacher friends, can you spot all of the errors in these two sentences? Continue reading

The final tardy bell hasn’t yet sounded, but your students are already in their seats, binders open, jotting down your beginning-of-class lecture materials from the board. Too good to be true? This is my every day.

Here’s how it works: Continue reading