Ever wonder what the teacher across the hall has planned for the upcoming week? Wish you could sneak a peak at a veteran teacher’s curriculum calendar? The “What I’m Teaching This Week” series was built for this very purpose. Continue reading

Now that the diplomas have been handed out and Room H-9 is packed for the summer, I took some time to sit awhile and think. What went well this year? What was a flop? If I could do it over again, what would I change? Continue reading

We wrapped our Quarter Trios yesterday and the final competition was based on trivia questions – some were curriculum-based, some were facts about our school, and a few were about me from stories I’ve told in class. One of the last questions was purely for my amusement: “What’s the phrase you’ve heard me say most often this year?” Continue reading

Ah, Memorial Day weekend – three glorious days to give tribute to our nation’s veterans, relax with family, and finish grading my very last set of freshman essays of the year. I’m deep in the dark chocolate almond phase with fewer than a dozen papers to go. Continue reading

As English teachers, it’s our duty to train the next generation of Grammar Police, arming our young people with the tools they need to correct and serve. Continue reading

Can’t believe April’s now over and we’re about to wrap our final 20Time work session this week. I was lamenting the flight of time on Friday when one of my kids explained that time moves faster for old folks than young people because a year out of our lives is only, say for me, 1/44th […]

Imagine a handful of virtual confetti raining down as I celebrate the completion of my 20Time project! Hope you enjoy episode #10, a 10-minute rundown of 10 random thoughts that didn’t fit elsewhere in this classroom management series Continue reading

We’re ready to set sail across the Mediterranean as we join Odysseus on his long trek home. I used to teach the full 24 books/chapters of The Odyssey, but to fit in the 20Time work sessions I had to make some tough choices and, like Agamemnon butchering sweet Iphigenia, I was forced to sacrifice something I hold dear to move forward with my bigger plan. Continue reading

Let’s start this time with a practical question from a fellow teacher… Continue reading

That about covers it. Here’s my upcoming week: Monday Open with a five-minute M.U.G. Shot (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar) mini-lecture/bell-ringer. Review answers from this past weekend’s S.A.T. practice section homework. Present my Prezi lecture on Katniss Everdeen, A Modern Theseus. (We finished reading the Theseus myth late last week as part of this unit on Greek […]