This week, I’m focusing on English teacher Kim and her middle school struggle:

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As English teachers, it’s our duty to train the next generation of Grammar Police, arming our young people with the tools they need to correct and serve. Continue reading

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The final tardy bell hasn’t yet sounded, but your students are already in their seats, binders open, jotting down your beginning-of-class lecture materials from the board. Too good to be true? This is my every day.

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It’s Saturday morning. I’ve been up since before the sun, working my way through three sections of essays on “The Scarlet Ibis,” a gut-wrenchingly sad short story by James Hurst. For the 22nd time this morning, I read clumsy attempts of freshman brains trying to symbolically connect the crushed red body of a tropical bird […]

Need to teach a subject that is, let’s be honest, a bit dry? Personalize your handouts or lecture slides with your students’ names (or even photos, more on that below) and you’ll instantly grab the class’ attention.

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