Are you a middle school person or a high school person? Today, I’m talking about my student teaching days, back when I taught 6th grade in the morning and 11th grade in the afternoon. Pretty quickly, I knew which path I was going to take.

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Today, let’s go back to a conversation I had 25 years ago with my college career counselor. Was he right?

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Today’s post comes from an email I received this morning from Connor, a college student (used with permission):

Hi Laura,
I’m currently a sophomore in college and I have to decide whether to teach middle school English or high school English. What made you choose high schoolers over middle schoolers? Are there any tips you can give me to help me decide?
Thank you,
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Last week’s chat with incoming student teacher Heath started me thinking about my own teacher training experience. Today, I’m chatting about my student teaching assignment (yes, all those many, many years ago) and sharing a bit of unconventional advice for our newest crop of student teachers: Continue reading