A 3-Minute Rant on Teacher Burnout

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A question from this week:
Hi, I’m a teacher and I feel I might be either burnt out or about to be. Any tips on prevention or stopping it, please?

My response:


Reply to @marycaridad Ran out of time. Final note: Action is powerful. Stop torturing yourself with indecisiveness. Decide if you’re going to stay or go then build greatness on whichever path you choose. #teach #teachers #teachertiktok #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #teachertalk #English #Englishteacher #ela #secondary #teaching #middleschool #highschool #homeschool #studentteacher #firstyearteacher

? original sound – Laura Randazzo

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1 year ago

Laura thank you for this. I’d add that a change of ‘teacher scenery’ can help. I made the switch to a private school and wow!! It has made all the difference! I just finished my first year in private school; I feel like I am a teacher again! I am inspired and invigorated. Just less ‘stuff’ because it’s smaller. I really loved my school system for many years but the demands on time and energy have just drastically changed for the worse.
You give so much good advice; the ‘do the work at school’ thing is always the goal but just not a workable reality for many secondary teachers, as you know, with endless required meetings during planning periods, (CT, IEP, 504, dpt, SEL…)
At this school, I have unencumbered planning! This just changes life for the better!
It’s sad for me to see so many good teachers walking away not just from the classroom but from education. Sadly in our profession, we reward the good teachers with more stuff and students. You’ve addressed this!. Thank you for giving practical advice, that we can all use ‘tomorrow.’ Keep On!!

Laura Randazzo
1 year ago
Reply to  Stacey

I appreciate this reminder, Stacey. I never did figure out how to leave everything at school because planning brought me peace, but over the years I was able to greatly reduce my off-campus hours. I love that you’ve found breathing room on your new campus. Often, private schools pay less than public schools, so that’s something for folks to keep in mind. I’d run the numbers, though. With better insurance and tuition for your own kids (if that’s a factor in your life), private school could be the right move. Never thought I’d leave public school, either, but here we are. Thanks for being here with me on the blog and continuing to help kids. ?

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